John Halpin

I’m not a fan of salespeople so I’d rather be your advocate.  I enjoy helping leadership teams explore ways to improve the future of their business.   My only “sales” tactic is to listen, provide relevant insight and help your team. I’m very fortunate to have found an innovative company in Ultimate Software that puts people, generosity and doing the right thing above the mighty dollar.



Outside of helping customers implement new HCM tools, I attempt to keep up with my four daughters.  :)

The Mosaic Orphan Care image above references an awareness group my wife and I started.  As citizens of the United States, we arguably have the most resources in the world.  I’m convinced that our duty during our time on this earth is to help others, especially those who cannot help themselves.  Many young people (this very moment) throughout the world suffer without a forever family.  Many willing adoptive families are unable to bring home another daughter or son without someone willing to fund their adoption costs.  Click here to get involved!